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Improve Vision Without Glasses – Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Improve Vision Without Glasses – Lead A Healthy Lifestyle

Eye vision, playing a vital role in daily life is a natural gift of God almighty. Today, there are lots of people suffering from vision problem. Most of the vision problems are caused due to improper eye care. The best way to protect eyes is by preventing the conditions from occurring. Reasons for the occurrence of impaired vision vary from person to person. Glaucoma, presbyopia, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and migraine headaches are some main causes for blurred vision. For improving vision without glasses, you have to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having regular eye checkups from an ophthalmologist helps us in analyzing vision power. At present there are many natural techniques by which you can improve vision. Following these tips helps in regaining vision back naturally with no side effects. Now, let’s see in detail the best recommended ways to improve vision without glasses.


Practicing eye exercises is one of the widely suggested methods to improve vision without glasses. Main intension behind these exercises is to relax and strengthen eye muscles. Eye exercises are found to be most effective in ceasing problems due to astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness and aging vision. Focusing on near and far objects is an important eye exercise performed for good eye vision. Procedure of this focusing exercise is so simple and takes only two to three minutes in total. First of all, make yourself relaxed and sit in a comfortable position. Now, place your thumb about ten inches in front of your eyes and make your eyes focused on thumb. In the next step, shift focusing of your eyes to some other object placed twenty inches apart. Repeat the procedure and continue focusing thumb and object alternatively by taking deep breath. It helps in strengthening eye muscles and enhancing vision.


Relaxing eye muscle with palming is an effective way to improve vision without glasses.


Before starting exercise make sure to relax and maintain a correct body posture for attaining faster results. First of all, rub both hands together to make warm and place hands over eyes with fingers on your forehead. Feel the relaxation of eye muscles and remain in position for a few minutes. When you open eyes, objects will be more defined and focused. Practicing palming helps in regaining relaxation and rest in very short interval of time.


Doing eye circle exercise is another natural technique to improve vision without glasses. Look up first and slowly start rotating your eyes in clockwise direction. Repeat the procedure up to ten circles and now do the exercise in counter clock wise direction up to ten circles. It improves flexibility of eye muscles which in turn enhance eye vision. For improving vision without glasses, you need to have good nutrition supporting healthy eye function. Following nutritive diet with proper exercises is the best way to improve vision without glasses. Inclusion of vitamin A, zinc, silymarin and alpha lipoic acid promotes better vision. Nuts, fruits, green leafy vegetables, eggs, fish and soy are some recommended food items for improved eye vision.


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