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Ophthalmology – Medical Treatments That Can Restore Your Vision

Ophthalmology – Medical Treatments that Can Restore your Vision

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that focuses on the physiology, anatomy, and diseases of the eye. The type of physician that practices within this branch of medicine is known as an ophthalmologist who specializes in surgical and medical eye problems.


If you are having problems with your eye that require the medical attention of an ophthalmologist, you can get treatment from a state-of-the-art eye care facility. Through the medical services of a skilled medical professional, you can get an annual eye exam in order to prevent a serious eye problem. When you are seen by a comprehensive experienced optometrist and staff, you can receive comprehensive ophthalmology services that can range from a routine eye exam to surgical or medical treatments for your eye problem.


Eye exams can help indicate the first signs of eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy or glaucoma. Because these conditions often go unnoticed until an individual receives an exam by an eye specialist, having a regular eye exam can prevent serious vision loss or complications.


There are times when a person will experience cataracts in their eyes. A cataract often develops on the eye as a person ages and is known to result in blurred vision. There are new techniques available through top-notch optometrists that include no needle, no stitches, and small-incision cataract surgery. Most individuals as they reach the age of 60 will develop a mild case of cataracts. This can result in you eventually becoming more near-sighted. In the early states, changing your eyeglass prescription may be the thing that will restore your sight. As you get older and cataracts get cloudier, you may need to get them removed in order to restore your vision. There may also be premium implants used to correct presbyopia and astigmatism that offer patients the options to get rid of their eyeglasses and have more independence.


If you have corneal eye disease, there are various forms of treatment options available to you thanks to ophthalmology. The corneal transplant is a treatment where the disease that is in the cornea is replaced with a donor organ. Individuals that need this type of transplant may have very irregular corneas, corneal swelling, or corneal scars. The partial corneal transplant is another option for those with corneal disease and allows patients to have a lower graft rejection rate and a faster visual recovery that the full transplant. The photo-therapeutic keratectomy uses a laser to treat the surface disease of the corneal by making a smooth surface.


Additional eye problems that may cause a person to receive ophthalmology treatment include macular degeneration, dry eye disorders, diabetic eye diseases, plastic surgery and more. If you or a loved one is suffering from an eye condition or you need a comprehensive eye exam to prevent serious eye conditions from starting, the services of a certified and experienced optometrist can help you restore your vision to its original condition. You may even get the option of being free from wearing eyeglasses when you receive certain types of eye treatments. Call and schedule an appointment with a qualified eye doctor to get the best medical treatment that will ensure your eyes are in perfect hands.

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