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How To Be Proactive With Oral Hygiene

How To Be Proactive with Oral Hygiene

There is a lot you can do to be proactive and prevent a lot of future dental problems including being meticulous about your oral health care. This means brushing after meals, flossing every night and using a fluoride rinse mouth wash before bedtime. It sounds like a lot of work and time to devout to your teeth but if you spend the time on your oral health care now you may be able to avoid some of the bigger problems down the road including tooth decay, discolored teeth and broken or chipped teeth that require extensive visits to the dentist to repair.


Most visits to the dentist are avoidable and no that doesn’t mean you wait out the extricating pain until the tooth is dead and the pain goes away. You can avoid the dreaded dental visits by avoiding dental decay as much as possible. You can see multiple dentists and you will come away with the same advice each time- be proactive with your dental health.


To help you develop the habit of good oral hygiene, start by keeping a chart just like you do for kids when you take care of your teeth. Just like children are motivated to keep a habit going by encouragement from others, you can become your own rooting section. Mark off when you brush your teeth to avoid forgetting until it is such an engrained habit you don’t need any reminders anymore.


Buy a toothbrush that has a spinning head to help clean your mouth better and invest in flavored toothpaste that you like. Make brushing your teeth as enjoyable as possible and you will end up doing it longer. A lot of people don’t like taste of mint toothpaste and avoid brushing with toothpaste as a result. If you are not a strong mint advocate there are plenty of dentists who can steer you to a different flavor like cinnamon or vanilla flavored toothpaste. Don’t avoid using tooth paste all together though it helps your toothbrush grab at decay and food particulars better and that means a cleaner mouth for you.


You can also use dental floss on sticks that are far easier to handle and can get your teeth clean without the hassle required from the more traditional form of dental floss so there is no valid reason to avoid flossing your teeth every day.

Finally there are a multitude of mouth washes and fluoride rinses that most dentists can recommend that come in a wide variety of flavors so you can find something that isn’t distasteful to your taste buds to help keep your mouth clean and healthy.


Don’t put off proper oral hygiene because you have developed poor habits and an aversion to dental health products. It’s never too late to develop healthy habits and unless you enjoy visits to the dentists more than the time it takes to take care of your mouth, it’s a good time to start taking better care of your teeth.


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