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The Diet For Healthy Eyes

The Diet for Healthy Eyes

Healthy eyes and visual acuity may be maintained or even improved by consuming certain foods, according to clinical trials. For instance, a study showed that vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and zinc may slow down the effects caused by the aging process. Vitamin E may also stop the development of the cataract.


It is know that long term and direct sun exposure is not recommended. However, two substances within the eye act as natural sun glasses. These substances are found in fruits such as orange, plums, grapes, peaches, mango, melon, kiwi or vegetables like spinach, green bean, broccoli, green pepper, and red pepper.


For people between nineteen and thirty-five, vitamin C and E are also useful and the recommended daily dose is of sixty milligrams. Vitamin E may be found in peanuts, nuts, vegetable oil, and corn.


For those between thirty-six and fifty-five, nutrients such as selenium may stop the unwanted effects from pollution. Meat, cereals, and vegetables are great sources of selenium. After fifty-six years, healthy eyes may be maintained by having a normal weightFind Article, and avoiding alcohol excess and cigarettes. Beta-carotene and zeaxantin are the main nutrients that maintain healthy eyes in this period.


A healthy diet and physical exercise are great ways to obtain good eye acuity and a balanced lifestyle.


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