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Oral Health That Dentists Recommend

Oral Health That Dentists Recommend

If there is one thing most dentists have in common, it is their desire to see a heightened awareness of the importance of basic dental hygiene. Through education, they hope to change basic policy in the area of not only dental education but in areas such as fluoridation of city water and other milestones that could make a big impact on the oral health of the citizenry. When it comes to individual oral health, however, there are some tips that everyone can follow to avoid making mistakes when it comes to fixing problems and maintaining a bright, healthy smile.


Most dentists agree, for instance, that root canals are a better alternative to having the tooth pulled. Sometimes, when a tooth becomes decayed, a person will simply choose to have it pulled rather than suffer through what is admittedly a painful process in the root canal. Sometimes it isn’t a matter of choice: without insurance, the patient is forced to take the less expensive option. But when there is a choice, the recommendation usually comes down firmly on the side of the root canal. The pain has been largely removed from more advanced techniques and the mouth’s structure will be held intact by leaving the tooth where it is.


Though it is more popular than ever, dentists also warn that cosmetic treatments such as whitening should never become a replacement for more serious dental procedures. There is a small but growing trend of people who believe they can simply mask serious oral health problems with whitening procedures, crowns, and veneers. This is a concerning trend, mainly because none of those treatments address the underlying causes. When there is decay or gum disease present, dental procedures should focus on these problems, rather than attempt to cover them up.


Finally, dentists want people to know that braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore. While few adults like the idea of walking around with “a mouthful of metal”, orthodontic braces have come a long way in recent years. There are now clear braces and other methods that are practically invisible to anyone looking. If you are someone who has been unhappy with their alignment or are concerned with the appearance of crooked teeth, make an appointment with a good orthodontist and find out what options may be available. You may find that the procedures and techniques now in use will hardly be a burden. More and more adults are choosing to get braces, fixing tooth problems they’ve had since adolescence.


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